About Me

About me

As the fox said to the Little Prince, « One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. » As a child, I believed that the character of Saint-Exupéry lived on my street because it bore his name. Sharing this anecdote takes you back to my childhood and resonates with my artistic journey. This fabulous novel sculpted my imagination at a very young age, leaving indelible marks: ‘What if capturing the invisible was possible?’ Today, my work consists of revealing what seeks to be unveiled, going beyond the image to show the inexpressible. I grew up in the city of Montargis. It was there, at the age of 10, that I developed my first photos. I participated in a darkroom photography workshop organized by a community center. Although it had a sepia-like appearance, that image marked my beginnings: I photographed matchstick models (the precursors to my architectural photos!). Later, I left the cold and gloom of my hometown to pursue my studies in the cold and gloom of Scotland! There, I lived in an old manor that seemed straight out of a teenage fiction, capturing encounters against a backdrop of fog or dim light with my instant cameras (in other words, disposable cameras!). Having acquired fluency in English, I returned to France and settled in the south, specifically in Montpellier, where I have been living since, passionately embracing the scorching heat!

My projects in photography and video

Images that make an impact

I honed my artistic skills through boxing photography. Being a former boxer myself, I endeavored to expose what lies beneath our thorny shell (‘Flowers think they are fierce with their thorns,’ as the Little Prince also said). I gave birth to a series titled ‘This is a boxing story… made of sweat, blood, and tears,’ which recently traveled to Miami for exhibition during Art Basel 2022. Alongside this artistic work, I regularly capture photos of boxing galas.

Between sky and earth

More than the figure of Saint-Exupéry’s aviator, I believe it was the 148 viewings of the film Top Gun during my adolescence that sparked my attraction to airplanes. I sought to approach them first from the ground before capturing their elegant and streamlined forms aboard helicopters. Two photos from this series of iron birds were honored with awards at the Black and White Spider Awards in Los Angeles in 2020. At the same time, I had the opportunity to merge my passion for aviation with architectural photography. Aerial photography allowed me to observe a reality waiting to be unveiled: the cities’ architecture seen from above.

Augmenting reality

From these series on airplanes and architecture, the project supported by Olo Art was born. Montpellier Airport was the setting for an initial exhibition in October 2022, aiming to showcase photographs from unusual perspectives through augmented reality. The immersive experience offered to spectators continues to evolve and expand with numerous other themes. Today, all my projects are conceived with augmented reality in mind.

Need a photographer and videographer?

As you can understand, capturing photographs or videos of boxing galas, as well as airplanes or architecture, brings me immense pleasure. Furthermore, my technical skills allow me to undertake projects in various fields beyond my preferred domains. Being naturally curious and open-minded, I am thrilled to explore uncharted territories.

Over the past fifteen years, I have developed my audiovisual and communication skills. Consequently, I offer event, corporate, and commercial photography and videography services in Montpellier and the surrounding departments of Hérault, Gard, and Aude. Depending on the projects, I occasionally travel beyond Occitania, including the Paris region.

Discover here the testimony of my most faithful associate, with whom I share all my adventures:

« I can boast an incalculable number of hours working alongside Philippe. I am his most loyal assistant on all his trips, and like his computer, I am present on all his projects. I have lost count of the number of shutter releases when he is in charge of a shoot, whether it’s packshot in his studio, architecture on-site, or even 500 meters above ground in a helicopter. Thanks to him, I have seen the world! I must endure when he films a product or a scene; I redo it with him as many times as he desires until we achieve the perfect shot, the perfect angle. And here, I touch upon his biggest flaw, attention to detail. Professionalism defines him. His clients do not see it from the same perspective as me; it is his greatest quality in their eyes. But in the end, it is always me who changes the lens so that he can achieve his goals. »

Philippe’s Camera

Ready to communicate?

If you would like to connect, please contact me at philippe.sheraf@gmail.com. I would be delighted to listen to you and accompany you in realizing your projects!